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The Bistro

Elevated French-Japanese cuisine

The main Dining Room serves elevated fusion Japanese cuisine expertly crafted by our exceptional culinary team. During daytime service, the Dining Room will serve more casual Meiji-inspired dishes such as Japanese Omelette Rice, Hamburgs, and Oven Baked Rice, among other Western-inspired Japanese café fare.


At dinner, the menu takes a more refined turn, warmly welcoming guests with a sophisticated array of French-Japanese dishes. Plates to look out for include the aromatic Poêlé-cooked fish and an assortment of elegant French dishes with a distinctive and exotic Japanese flair.


The interior surroundings of the Dining Room emanate a warmth and cosiness with a distinct paradigmatic grace, reflecting the European influences that permeated Japanese culture during the Meiji period.


Guests opting for a more private dining experience to celebrate special occasions may reserve the private dining room to enjoy an intimate meal with up to 14 guests.

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