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A Sequestered Shochu Cocktail & Music Lounge

Japanese Shochu is rich in history, graduating from a traditionally blue-collared spirit to a sophisticated drink, and as of date is consumed domestically within Japan more than Sake. Offering very distinct flavours from this incredible drink which can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, Kuromaru brings a flavour-focused cocktail experience based on Shochu & Awamori and leads you into trying the underlying Shochu itself either as a chilled maewari (premixed with water), mizuwari (mixed with water), on the rocks, sodawari (mixed with soda) or even in the more traditional oyuwari (mixed with hot water) style. With a vast array of limited editions, rare labels and premium Shochu sourced from several craft distilleries across Japan, this relaxing lounge spread across 2 rooms also offers an additional experiential element - LP records from the 1970s and 80s for vinyl enthusiasts.

Greatly varying in flavour profile owing to a range of underlying ingredients at a lower ABV of 25-30%, Shochu is notoriously difficult to make a cocktail with. Each variety of Shochu focuses on one core ingredient, making it an incredibly robust spirit with distinct nuances. Highlighted labels at Kuromaru include the exclusive Daiyame 40 Shochu made from Imo (sweet potato), which is known for its rich lychee aroma and The Hachi Shochu which combines the benefits of cask maturation without overpowering the underlying Shochu itself. Some of the much anticipated cocktails showcase the citrusy Flamingo Orange, the ethereal Mori No Yosei and Mankoi made from Kokuto (raw brown sugar) balanced with a variety of fruits, liqueurs and other ingredients.

Discover these flavour profiles with meticulously handcrafted drinks prepared by Kuromaru’s skilled team and wind down in a cosy and casual space. With its unique selection of cocktails, Japanese Shochu, and hospitable service, Kuromaru is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts in search of a relaxing music lounge. Managed by the team behind Mizunara, also expect Shochu & Awamori masterclasses, tasting events and food pairings from time to time.  

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