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The Coffee & Tea Room

Combining Japanese traditions with subtle Western influences

Café culture also began to integrate into the lives of Japan's people during the Meiji Restoration Period, over a century after first being introduced. Maison Meiji offers a dedicated Coffee & Tea Room at the entrance, taking reference from the Japan's historical tea culture, and the introduction of coffee into Japan's culture as a result of Western influence. A wide range of coffee and tea is served in a traditional tea house setting, alongside a selection of Japanese desserts. Guests may enjoy a quick and casual afternoon sip in the contemporary space inspired by the Japanese Shōwa Era that followed the Meiji Restoration Period.

Various café experiences are on offer, with a selection of single-origin hand drip coffees sourced from specialised growers from all over the world, demonstrating the myriad of tasting notes available when it comes to coffee. Ice-drip coffees are available on rotation in house, catering to the curious tastes of coffee aficionados who crave something different from traditional coffee shop offerings.

An assortment of teas is also available on the menu, which are each sourced from Japan's best growers. Guests may choose from traditional Japanese Sencha and Genmaicha, or enjoy more aromatic and floral flavours with the Ginger tea, and Rose Red tea, depending on their personal preferences. For the full experience, guests may also partake in a traditional tea ceremony with their blend of choice, paired with traditional complimentary Japanese Wagashi sweets. From intentionally-sourced coffees to premium teas, Maison Meiji’s Coffee & Tea Room brings a tranquil space for café enthusiasts with a keen interest in Japan’s vibrant coffee and tea culture.

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